About Tekindo Solusi Integra.


Blockchain & Anti Money Laundry Training

Configuring and learning new Blockchain Investigation tools can be complex and time consuming.

This can range from configuring the tools, purchasing the tools or rolling it across your organization. We specialize in taking organization to the next level by helping you get your organization succesfully rolled out Crypto AML compliance 

With all existing controls in one place, with descriptions and details on ownership of the controls, clients are best able to ensure maximum oversight of the Financial Crime regime.


Professionals & Expert in Crypto Investigation Tools 

By connecting various investigation toolsets and cryptocurrency/darknet data with both the largest databases of known entities, and with any of your other data sources, your ability to find clues to the identities of bad actors is dramatically improved. With Ciphertrace you can search or extract addresses of interest, cluster them, visualize transaction flows and finally map them with known entities, all without requiring technical skills.


What is your target market and who benefits from your Crypto investigation tools?

We serve a wide range of clientele from Government, Financial Institution and Law Enforcement Agencies. 

Do you offer specialized Blockchain training?

Yes we do! Our consultants are expert at blockchain training and we offer institution training from introductory blockchain courses to configuring and deploying smart contract for your company!

 Are you hiring?

Yes. If you are passionate about blockchain, do send your resume to hiring@tekindosolusi.com! 

Contact us:  business@tekindosolusi.com


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